Ka’u Arabica- Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Pohaku Dark Roast takes it to the max with rich, dark chocolate brownie flavors, a lower acidity and heavier body. We remove the beans just as they’re beginning to release their natural oils, producing our boldest and brightest smooth cup without any hint of burn or bitter aftertaste. Long-time coffee lovers will be hard pressed to find such a sweet dark roast anywhere else. A great roast for espressos or drip coffee. Try a cold brew!

Brewing Instructions:

No two coffee drinkers are alike, so adjust water level and grinds to your own taste, increasing or decreasing grinds by 5g until your find that sweet spot.

Fresh grind before you brew and store beans in a cool, dry place, never the fridge.  Use fine grounds for espresso, medium for drip and course grind for French press or cold brew.

For drip coffee, we use a ratio of 5 Tablespoons (34g) grounds to 18 ounces or 2 1/4 cups water. Be sure to check your coffee pot the first time as the markings on the glass carafe do not always equal a true cup measurement.

For French press, Hawaii coffees feature mild, delicate, and fruity flavors, making these varieties a wonderful choice for lighter roasts. We highly suggest trying a French press for our lighter roasts, especially the Gold Roast, but our medium roasts are also excellent. Try steeping our Gold Roast up to 10 minutes for a stronger “gold” brew.  Most other roasts will do fine after 4 minutes, but again don’t be afraid to experiment.


  1.     Preheat French press with boiling water, then toss water
  2.     Add 5 T fresh course grounds to French press, adding 2 ¼ cups fresh boiling water
  3.     Steep for 1 minute, then gently stir grounds to release gas build-up
  4.     Secure lid, press filter to submerge grounds completely for 3 minutes more…our Gold Roast can “steep” as long as 10 minutes. (The finer the grounds and the longer the steep time, the stronger the taste and the higher the caffeine content, just make sure your filter can handle the grind size!)
  5.     Press the filter all the way down, pour into your favorite mug and enjoy the sweetest brew with or without add-ins (makes 2 cups)

For espresso, our dark roast produces a rich, frothy crema and an extra bold kick. We use a 1:15 ratio or 8g of grinds tamped down with 120g water. The general rule is to stop the pour once the pour begins to lose color. Adjust to your taste!

Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 50 in

7 oz., 15 oz.


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