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Many large retailers and roasters use darker roasts to burn away and mask the poor flavor of low-quality beans. This is often the main reason I hear from people “don’t like coffee.” If all you had ever tasted was the ashy-bitter grounds from a questionable source, we wouldn’t blame you! This is Brenda’s story.

Brenda never smelled a coffee she didn’t love but as soon as she tasted it, it had to be doused in cream and sugar for it to even be palatable. Then, she met a light Ka`u coffee in 2018. And loved it!  Fast-forward 4 years and now Brenda is a coffee “snob” and enjoys black coffee up through a medium roast!

At Pohaku Coffee, we aim to showcase something special for every palate to love, from long-time coffee lovers who crave their dark roasts, all the way to the coffee-avoidant who are sure to be delighted by our lighter roasts. We hope to expand how you can enjoy coffee in smoothies, as dalgona, or even just trying that cold brew for the first time. We encourage you to get creative! In fact, even though we are a single origin estate coffee and never blend with other beans, we encourage our customers to “bag-your-own blend” using our 5 roasts to capture the perfect roast-level and flavor profile you enjoy. Why stick to one roast when you can layer them? Whatever you try, be sure to taste at least a few sips without any cream or sugar!

Please note, if you live in Canada or Mexico and would like to order from us, please let us know via our contact page.  Once we know the items you’d like to order, we will manually calculate shipping costs and let you know before processing your order.